User Guide – ALERTS!

After subscribing to TriggerPoint ALERTS!, you will receive a series of emails that will help to explain the details. Below is additional information to get you started.

Essentially, the ALERTS! are screened investment opportunities that are generated through our proprietary algorithms and then reviewed for their potential. ALERTS! are aimed at eliminating one side of the market, through market profiling, technical analysis and support and resistance levels. On some days there may be many ALERTS! while on others there are none. In fact, there are times that several days will go by without an actionable idea as we are looking for those that possess certain characteristics that provide for a high conviction opportunity.

ALERTS! are designed to perform within a 30 day holding period or sooner although some ALERTS! may develop and perform in less than 1 week.

ALERTS! are also focused on higher conviction trading opportunities.  Rather than simply send out lots of useless ALERTS! per week, TriggerPoint Research algorithms focus on filtering through some of the noise to come up with high conviction ideas seeking out what we believe are some of the best risk reward opportunities available.  TriggerPoint Research is focused on covering Immediate, Actionable and Reliable ALERTS!  The system is designed to trigger ALERTS! for positions that are Breaking Up!, Breaking Down! as well as those that are bouncing off of support or resistance levels.

With Breaking UP ALERTS!, the basic premise is that there is an opportunity for a quick move due to conditions such as a short squeezes and range breaks that may propel a stock though a consolidation zone. Additional factors are also taken into consideration, but the idea is that the move could be fast and have an upside potential that is significant.


Breaking DOWN ALERTS! are designed to identify weakness in stocks that will either provide short-entry or long-exit setups.

Bounce ALERTS! are most often triggered with a range-bound stock that has a good deal of overhead resistance as well as defined support. These may be both short- and long-entry candidates.

Once an ALERT! is triggered, a notification email will be sent to subscribers. The email will have all of the information about the alert, charts as well as entry and exit points. From there, it is up to you to initiate the trade (or not). Additionally, the ALERT! will be posted and archived to the TriggerPoint Research site.

Currently ALERTS! are provided for U.S. based equities including those in the major stock indices such as the S&P 500, NASDAQ & the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

While we are providing an ALERT! service, we cannot stress enough the importance of doing your own due diligence and making an appropriate risk assessment for any investment.  If you are unsure of a particular trade or position, please consult with a financial professional for assistance.

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