Who is TriggerPoint Research?

TriggerPoint Research is a joint venture with TriggerCharts, LLC. We combined decades of market insight and trading experience to create a range of professional-grade market strategies for both institutions and investors/traders. See more in ABOUT US.

Who is TriggerCharts?

At TriggerCharts, LLC our goal is to help our users obtain superior returns by providing the tools and market intelligence that maximize speed and forecast accuracy of financial time series data. We take great pride in having developed timely and relevant quantitative tools that help our users optimize efficiency, mitigate risk and enhance their trading and investment performance.  

How can I contact you?

Submit a question or comment HERE and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Is there a user guide, demo or instructional for products offered by TriggerPoint Research?

Click on the various links below for a user guide for the services: (additional updates will be made available)

How do I renew or update my subscription(s)?

Subscriptions are renewed automatically for members each month.  You will not need to do anything to continue your membership/subscription. If you wish to change anything related to your membership, please visit your profile on your TPR Membership site and submit a Helpdesk ticket. If you should have a general question or encounter an issue with the site, kindly submit a request on the Contact Us page.

How can I discontinue my membership(s)?

Please submit a Helpdesk ticket request in the TPR Membership site to cancel a subscription or your membership to the site. Or you may use the Contact Us page and we will respond back to you shortly with a confirmation.

Where can I get help regarding anything TriggerPoint Research related?

Please submit a question or comment using the Contact Us page and we will reply as soon as possible.


How are ALERTS! delivered to me?

ALERTS! are delivered to subscribers in several formats.  Subscribers have the ability to decide whether they would like to receive the ALERTS! via web, email and/or text message. (For SMS/text -Standard Text Messaging Rates Apply) See more about SMS/Text Messages HERE.

What types of investments are included in ALERTS! ?

Currently ALERTS! are provided for U.S. based equities including those in the major stock indices such as the S&P 500, NASDAQ & the Dow Jones Industrial Average.  TriggerPoint Research also covers a select group of equities in Latin America. TriggerPoint Research will eventually expand into commodities, currencies and index futures contracts in the future. (Contact Us to Express Interest in Other Products).

What types of ALERTS! are covered?

TriggerPoint Research is focused on covering Immediate, Actionable and Reliable ALERTS!  The system is designed to trigger ALERTS! for positions that are Breaking Up!, Breaking Down! as well as those that are bouncing off of support or resistance levels.

How are the ALERTS! Immediate, Actionable and Reliable?

ALERTS! are designed to perform within a 30 day holding period or sooner although  some ALERTS! may develop and perform in less than 1 week. ALERTS! are also focused on higher conviction trading opportunities.  Rather than simply send out lots of useless ALERTS! per week, TriggerPoint Research algorithms focus on filtering through some of the noise to come up with high conviction ideas seeking out what we believe are some of the best risk reward opportunities available. See more about ALERTS! HERE.

What is included in the TPR ALERTS! subscription?

ALERTS! are aimed at eliminating one side of the market, through market profiling, technical analysis and support and resistance levels.  Therefore, when ALERTS! are provided, stop levels, profit target levels, charting of support and resistance as well as background on why the ALERT! was triggered are included. Each ALERT! is immediately delivered via email or SMS/Text and archived on the TPR website. Along with this, a regular summary of  ALERTS! are provided on a monthly basis.  The summary is inclusive of all the statistics of the various ALERTS! and their respective performance. In addition, we will be highlighting setups both generally and more in depth for paid subscribers along with regular videos outlining potential ALERTS! Click here to see an example summary.

Who will benefit from ALERTS!?

ALERTS! are intended to benefit all investors who are both active and passive in the market.

How do I sign up?

Click here to visit the subscription page.  Select the product or package you would like to subscribe to and fill in the various pieces of information. The process takes less than 5 minutes to complete!

What products and/or packages are available for subscription?

For U.S. equities, there are currently 3 distinct products available. Products can be purchased individually for $99/month or members may select the Pro-Package and receive all 3 products for a 40% discount. (Click Here for a Brief Description of Each Product)
  • TPR Pro-Package – Includes all 3 products (TPR Breaking Up ALERTS!, TPR Breaking Down ALERTS!, TPR Bounce ALERTS!) for $179
  • TPR Breaking Up ALERTS! – Available individually for $99
  • TPR Breaking Down ALERTS! – Available individually for $99
  • TPR Bounce ALERTS! – Only available with the TPR Pro-Package
(All are per month)

What should I expect from ALERTS! ?

Essentially, the ALERTS! are screened investment opportunities that are generated through our proprietary algorithms and then reviewed for their potential. On some days there may be many ALERTS! - while on others there are none. In fact, there are times that several days will go by without an actionable idea as we are looking for those that possess certain characteristics that may provide for a high conviction opportunity.

Where can I see examples of triggered ALERTS!?

Please feel free to follow some of our sample / public ALERTS! on Twitter:  @TriggerTrading.  You can also take a look at the track record of some of our ALERTS! from the past.

How much money should I invest in each ALERT! ?

Only you, the individual or institutional investor can make this determination.  While we are providing an ALERT! service, we cannot stress enough the importance of doing your own due diligence and making an appropriate risk assessment for any investment.  If you are unsure of a particular trade or position, please consult with a financial professional for assistance. Visit the following links below for more detail and disclosures:  

TPR Earnings Report

Where can I see an example of the TPR Earnings Reports?

CLICK HERE to view various examples of the TPR Earnings Reports package. Or, you may see an archive of some of the reports as well. CLICK HERE To Subscribe, Click Here.

What is cEPS, and how does it differ the EPS reported?

Earnings per share (EPS) is a fundamental piece of data that can be fairly complicated and highly detailed. In order to make a comparison to analysts estimates institutions look at what is called a comparable EPS (cEPS) or similarly adjusted EPS. It is important to consider both the EPS GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) number as well as the cEPS before making an investment decision. Currently TPR Earnings Reports only take into consideration the cEPS or adjusted EPS number. For subscription information CLICK HERE.

What are TPR Pre-Earnings Reports?

TPR Pre-Earnings Reports are designed to prepare subscribers for upcoming equity earnings reports utilizing proprietary algorithms, historical data, technical and fundamental analysis.  Subscribers will receive a concise snapshot and written summary of what to potentially expect from the company reporting. To Subscribe, Click Here.

What is the goal of the Pre-Earnings Report, and who should use them?

The reports are intended to be used for three specific purposes:
  • Preparation:  To prepare investors of all kinds on what to expect from the upcoming earnings of a particular company.
  • Pre or Post-Market Trading:  To potentially profit in the extremely volatile pre and/or post market moves that provides inefficiencies for maximized trading opportunities.
  • Portfolio Management:  To prepare investors for extreme moves and consider increasing, decreasing or hedging out a portion of the position prior to the report.
There are several groups of investors in particular who will benefit from the use of TPR Pre-Earnings Reports.
  • Institutional portfolio managers that currently hold multiple equity positions can use these as a tear-sheets to prepare, consider additional purchases, consider sales or hedge out a portion of the position based on the various pieces of data.
  • Retail Investors who want to gain a leg up on the competition and be prepared for the highly volatile moves of a stock after an earnings release.
  • Day Traders who wish to engage in the potentially volatile and often inefficient pre and/or post market trading after the earnings release.
To Subscribe, Click Here.

Why should I subscribe to the TPR Earnings Reports?

Earnings reports inherently bring to the surface idiosyncratic risk (individual company risk) and volatility to the price of stock.  Earnings reports are designed to prepare and make subscribers aware of the risks and what they can expect from the upcoming report.  The report will also provide key levels of support and resistance that should be considered as well as various pieces of fundamental data that may affect the movement of the security. For more detail on TPR Earnings Reports, Click Here. To Subscribe, Click Here.