3 Stocks on the Earnings Radar

There are three stocks that have been identified as potential opportunities that will be reporting earnings after the bell tonight. Each of these has charateristics that the TPR algorithm has targeted as having areas that are conisered fast zones that will be in play.

[gn_list style="event"]
  • Croc’s (CROX)
  • Ancestry.com (ACOM)
  • Cheesecake Factory (Cake)[/gn_list]

The charts below will explain some of the potential moves and used with the Reports can give traders an edge in deciphering the results. From there, keying into the TPR support and resistance lines (Green and Red) will show where a potential breakout or break down may occur.

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Symbol(s): ACOM, CAKE, CROX in @TriggerTrading, ALERTS!