• Provide you with immediate, actionable and reliable equity and commodity ALERTS!
  • Defined risk parameters: Pinpointed stops and profit target levels through TPR proprietary algorithms.
  • Regularly updated trade performance based on defined parameters.
  • ALERTS! and updates on ALERTS! communicated via email, text message (SMS) and the private TriggerPoint Research website.
  • Access to various webinars / classes held by TriggerPoint Research
  • High confidence trades with multiple confirmations for a best idea approach.

TPR ALERT! – Vivus Inc. (VVUS)

Breaking Up ALERT! on 5/13/2013 returned 9.43% in just under 30 days.


Bouncing off of Support ALERT! On 10/9/2012 returned 7.92% in 7 days.

TPR ALERT! – Westport Innovations (WPRT)

Breaking Up ALERT! on 6/7/2012 hit its profit target in 20 days resulting in a 22% gain.

TPR ALERT! – Hain Celestial Group (HAIN)

Breaking Down ALERT! On 10/9/2012 produced a total return of 8.97% in just 3 days.

TPR ALERT! – Herbalife (HLF)

Breaking Down ALERT! on 4/9/2012 hit its profit target in 23 days for a total return of 11.08%.

TPR ALERT! – Invensense (INVN)

Breaking Down ALERT! on 2/15/2013 produced a gain of 8.67% in 11 days.

TPR ALERT! – U.S. Steel (X)

Bouncing off of Support ALERT! on 11/27/2012 produced 11.68% in 17 days.

TPR ALERT! – Mellanox Technologies (MLNX)

Breaking Up ALERT! on 3/11/2013 produced a return of 13.01% in just 1 day.

TPR ALERT! – Checkpoint Software (CHKP)

Breaking Down ALERT! from 3/12/2013 returned 5.09% in just under 13 days.

TPR ALERT! – Avis-Budget Group (CAR)

Avis Budget (CAR) triggered a BUY ALERT! on 11/14/13 and was closed 7 days later for a profit of 9.88%

TPR ALERT! – Compuware (CPWR)

Compuware (CPWR) disappointed as the short ALERT! was triggered on 10/25/13 and held for 30 days for a loss of 1.12%

TPR ALERT! – Cheniere Energy Inc. (LNG)

Breaking up ALERT! on 6/4/2012 hit its profit target only 11 days later resulting in a 24.67% gain.

TPR ALERT! – Monster Beverage Corporation (MNST)

Breaking Up ALERT! on 5/1/2012 achieved a total return of 7.52% during the 30 day suggested holding period.

TPR ALERT! – Nu Skin Enterprises Inc (NUS)

Breaking Up ALERT! on 6/26/2012 hit its profit in 30 days for a total return of 12.92%.

TPR ALERT! – Randgold Resources (GOLD)

Breaking Up ALERT! on 5/23/2012 hit its profit in 9 days for a total return of 7.36%.

TPR ALERT! – Questcor Pharmaceuticals Inc. (QCOR)

Breaking up ALERT! on 4/3/2012 hit profit target 24 days later for a total return of 14.49%.

TPR ALERT! – Coinstar (CSTR)

Bouncing off of Support on 7/31/2012 hit its profit target in 16 days for a total return of 7.43%.

TPR ALERT! – Sturm Ruger & Co. (RGR)

Breaking Up ALERT! on 7/13/2012 hit its profit target in 14 days for a total return of 10.53%.

TPR ALERT! – Titan Machinery (TITN)

Breaking down ALERT! on 6/5/2012 resulted in a 9.64% return just 2 days after the ALERT!

TPR ALERT! – DreamWorks Animation (DWA)

Breaking Up ALERT! on 6/29/2012 hit its profit in 27 days for a total return of 7.12%.

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Get all the equity ALERTS! in one package. Breaking Up, Breaking Down and Bounce ALERTS! are all included.

TPR ALERTS! – A Quick Introduction

The engine behind TriggerPoint ALERTS! is continually searching for opportunities to enter positions that display a higher probability of breaking out (up or down). Traditional methods such as moving averages, MACD, RSI and candle patterns have serious limitations, especially when trading in an age of computer driven strategies. Moreover, as most have already realized, overbought and oversold signals that are derived from many of these indicators often provide false signals which end up being nothing more than entries in the dark.

Behind the Scenes

For any security, our algorithms first calculates price action and accumulating volume-at-price over time. Then, specific ranges and levels of important turning points are “locked-in” from our proprietary swing and momentum algorithm. These ranges are clearly illustrated on our charts as three colored horizontal lines (red, teal and green). Each range is then dynamically plotted by Triggerpoint Research and continually compares the most recent to the previous, and so on.



Garbage In, Garbage Out

Professional traders agree that with any technically driven trading strategy, the data is perhaps the most important consideration. If the data is flawed, the strategy will be flawed. This is why TriggerPoint Research only uses data from Bloomberg and other well-respected vendors.

The fact is that “free” data from the web is fine for a simple chart review. However, with real money on the line, we are not willing to use anything other than the most trusted and reliable sources.

The Alert! Trigger

Once ranges are calculated, there are several conditions that will trigger an Alert! based on momentum, trend. Those in which there is a high conviction rating will be sent via email or SMS/text to subscribers with a summary and an action plan. (From time to time we provide a sampling of  ALERTS! on Twitter – follow @triggertrading)

Here is an example chart with the ranges and potential TriggerPoints.

Click HERE for a follow-up on the actual for Green Mountain Coffee (GMCR) ALERT! which broke down for a potential gain of 20% within 2-days.